About Us

About Us

To simply provide our customers with choices and flexibility and to better serve our customers. IntellSys products & service offerings are currently delivered through 3 business units:

  • Quality Training & Education
  • Software Solutions Services
  • IT Professional Services


IntelliSys aims to become an active & reliable partner to Customers & Business Partners alike, by providing Service-Oriented Business Solutions through Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Products & Services.


In today’s fast-moving business world, organization are looking for ways to achieve business advantage. Information technology can help deliver better decisions, faster response, improved communications, and smarter investments.

However, it also poses new challenges. Some are technical challenges-integration, migration, software development, architecture and design, network management, open standards, and usability. Others are management issues, such as training, service and support, outsourcing, and software licensing.

IntelliSys as an IT Solutions Provider addresses organization’s information Technology needs and challenges with a range of products, technologies, services, and partnerships for business computing.