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On the internet anonymous UltraSurf tool that will help you along the way, one does not know or connect to the network. Unlike other tools, UltraSurf is very easy to use and hide your IP, clean up your history and cookies.

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Goodbye! Long live the secret behind the censorship,

UltraSurf intention was to win the China Great Wall, straight course, some web pages and blocks access to online services.

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UltraSurf hides your IP address, and other changes are not related to the original. At the same time, delete the history of the track and cookies and delete the page you’re visiting.

UltraSurf offers privacy from the beginning. TardiusTamen little scroll speed to a minimum interest rate goodx good.

No installation required

Unlike other programs like UltraSurf, facility, and accessibility one of the highlights of her. You just opened it, andstart work.

Another advantage to install and you are not able to wear, whenever I turn it on or on the USB storage.

The secret to your friend

If the pages that need to avoid some of the barriers or if you maintain your privacy, a member of UltraSurf. At that perlucidodaWebgunean the user can navigate without censorship.

To add a place for the bid.

option and the option to restore the default location for the rosary.

The option to add to the defaultto replace settings.



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