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Founded in 1996, IntelliSys as an IT solutions provider addresses Corporate organisation`s information technology needs and challenges with a range of products, technologies, services, and partnerships for business computing in Indonesia. IntelliSys has a long-term vision for what we can do for you together. Through our Training & Consulting and Enterprise Business Solutions services, IntelliSys can serve as an ideal long-term partner to help you apply Information Technology to your business.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Learning Solutions, we offer quality training in the field of latest technology. You will learn new management tools and security enhancements of Windows Server 2008 and its skill in managing Windows Server 2008 (including the software for free). Applicants who follow three Windows Sever 2008 training classes between June 27 and December 31, 2008 will get the software (on CD) Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (Continue....)